Mountain Valley Integrated Solutions is the entrepreneur's solution to success.

We sell, ship, and serve. So you can develop, market, and grow.

Our integrated solutions include direct marketing sales, customer service, lead generation, outbound calls and political polls. We support all types of ad campaigns, from catalog and print, to TV and radio infomercials, to online direct marketing and e-commerce websites.

We use a research-based approach, in which we develop a 100% understanding of your company's history, your product's inner workings, and your customer's mindset before we pick up the phone.

Our passion for excellence doesn't end when our partnership begins. Through real-time data monitoring and reporting, and a continual drive to improve, we become a seamless extension of you and your company.

Our direct marketing sales techniques are highly successful. With closing ratios and average tickets among the highest in the call center industry, we've taken startups on their last dollar and turned them into $20 million companies, and we can add sales dollars to your bottom line as well.